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An Alternative to Prescription Pain Pills

One of the many benefits of a Transdermal Therapeutics prescription topical pain relief cream is that you, the patient, can apply the medication cream directly to the painful area, without having to take more pills, risk addiction, or experience the uncomfortable feeling of an injection. Most health insurance companies cover our topical pain relief creams.

Why Us?

Transdermal Therapeutics has a specially trained team of registered pharmacists and technicians who create prescription topical pain creams based on your doctor’s orders and tailored especially to your needs. We’re based in Homewood, Alabama, and we’re affiliated with the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP). Our pharmacy is built on the ethical practice of our business and the notion that everyone who interacts with us is family.

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You can also browse our site to learn more. Then, talk to a Patient Advocate, toll free at (844) 703-6262, who will answer any questions you may have.

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Transdermal Therapeutics topical pain relief medication cream can only be provided to you after we receive a prescription from your doctor. We fill prescriptions from your personal physician based on your specific pain relief needs.

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About Micelle Technology

Transdermal Therapeutics is a pharmacy that compounds state-of-the-art topical pain relief creams by combining individual medications through a proprietary micelle formation process.

The medications in the compounded formulations target the nociceptors to keep them from firing – which provides the patient pain relief.

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